Principles for Interacting with Politics that God revealed through Ellen White.

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What principles does God give us to help think and act wisely in politics? God gave Ellen White some crucial insights and several SDA pastors have talks on that.

Dr. Nicholas Miller, professor of theology at Andrews, has a talk on this here:
Principles of Adventist Voting & Political Involvement

Adventist professor of Adventist history, Dr. Morgan, writes about Ellen White,
“She was interested in government supporting benevolent reform, benevolent endeavors, [interested in] things that are causing poverty, crime, the breakdown of the family, and so forth. I think she would be interested in whatever could be done to redress those without violating religious liberty and constitutional freedom.”…   

James Standish, director of the Adventist department of religious liberty for many years, writes:
“From our earliest days Adventists fought crucial battles to preserve religious liberty,2 led in the movement for prohibition of alcohol, urged the abolition of slavery (and adamantly refused to obey the Federal Fugitive Slave Law),3 advocated for the rights of the poor, and firmly opposed war. Explaining the rationale for Adventist public policy activism in 1892, Ellen White wrote: “Many deplore the wrongs which they know exist, but consider themselves free from all responsibility in the matter. This cannot be. Every individual exerts an influence in society.”

James Standish. “A Voice on the Hill: NARLA and the New Congress.”

Ellen White has several principles about how SDAs should interact with politics. Basically, Ellen White spoke very strongly that SDAs should use their influence in politics to support godliness and to oppose evils of many kinds including slavery, injustice to protect religious liberty, to support health/temperance  (and she said it was right even to vote on Sabbath to promote Godly principles). She also said Satan wishes SDAs not to be involved in politics and to eliminate their influence. But Ellen White is very clear that we should not surrender our allegiance to any political party. We are responsible to follow God’s principles above all else and this must not be compromised by joining a political party. Research confirms the wisdom of this, showing that politics can even wreck people’s ability to do basic math, and abandon morality of different kinds.

“There is a cause for the moral paralysis upon society. Our laws sustain an evil which is sapping their very foundations. Many deplore the wrongs which they know exist, but consider themselves free from all responsibility in the matter. This cannot be. Every individual exerts an influence in society. In our favored land, every voter has some voice in determining what laws shall control the nation. Should not that influence and that vote be cast on the side of temperance and virtue?” (1881)… (Review and Herald, Oct 15, 1914)

Ellen White wrote about how some were advocating that SDAs not vote (in regard to temperance in this case, but it would apply to other cases).
“Satan and his evil angels are busy at this time [trying to influence SDAs not to vote], and he has workers upon the earth. May Satan be disappointed, is my prayer” (Temperance, pp. 255, 256).

Ellen White strongly warned against aligning with any political party:

“It is a mistake for you to link your interests with any political party, to cast your vote with them or for them.” and  ” We cannot safely vote for political parties; for we do not know whom we are voting for. We cannot safely take part in any political schemes.” Gospel Workers, pp. 391-393.
Ellen White spoke very strong about the importance of not compromising when they get involved in politics, something that is easy to do.  When people support policies that are against God’s principles, God judges them as guilty of the sins of those they support while in office. She says this about the issue of religion liberty, but it applies to all principles that God gave for government.
“We cannot labour to please men who will use their influence to repress religious liberty, and to set in operation oppressive measures to lead or compel their fellow men to keep Sunday as the Sabbath . . . The people of God are not to vote to place such men in office; for when they do this, they are partakers with them of the sins which they commit while in office” (Fundamentals of Christian Education, page 475, emphasis added). .

She also says in several that it is right and valuable for SDAs to aim to be leaders in government and politics if God leads them in that direction and that they can use their influence for good. She compares this to Daniel in politics in Babylon or Joseph in Egypt. But there are also many other ways to serve God that are good as well, or even better. It depends on God’s calling to each individual.

An Adventist professor Osborn says, “The need [is] to avoid partisanship. Study the issues, vote for the person and not the party. Study each issue for yourself.”

Ellen White said that Jesus warns in all cases against supporting greed and that to support greed is to support Satan’s work.

“The voice of one in authority spoke with great decision, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. Read the directions given by the only-begotten Son of God when enshrouded in the cloudy pillar. When that voice is obeyed, ye will not give your voice or influence to any policy to enrich a few, to bring oppression and suffering to the poorer class of humanity.

There is in this excitement just what separates those of the same faith. Is this bearing the divine credentials?

Beware. See that your arm is not linked in the arm of a personal demon. He is in appearance as a man. He is walking about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour, and he finds them among Seventh-day Adventists…

There are many who will be deluded, and who, by pen and voice, will cast their whole influence to create an evil condition of things (a condition that will exist just the same whatever they may do); but they should not be bound up with the evil workers.” TM p. 332-33

The Bible repeatedly warns against greed as the root of all evil (1 Tim. 6:10), that we can’t have both God and greed (Matt. ^:24), that government leaders must not be greedy or promiscuous or ignorant of God’s laws (Deut. 17:17-20), and that this ruins families and causes national ruin***There just is absolutely NO way whatsoever to be on God’s side and greed at the same time. NONE. God can wink at ignorance (Acts 17:17). But people only do vast harm when they support greed.

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