Primerica–40th Anniversary Party

I’d like to tell you about something that could be quite valuable for you or someone you know in the range of thousands of dollars. There’s a 40 year Primerica anniversary party in Chattanooga on Tuesday night this week and it could be very interesting and important for you or someone you know for 2 reasons:
In the last month, 2 men near me died in their 50s/60s suddenly. One was a relative and CFO of a major health company. The other was a retired teacher in the area. Statistics show that when this happens, within 12-18 months, 85% of widows lose their homes. This means that they have to spend ~40-50% of their salaries on rent and it’s very hard for them to provide for their family, children’s education, etc. without help
If you have ever thought about the issues of life insurance and esp. whole life vs. term insurance, numerous experts agree that term insurance is far smarter for almost everyone. I have seen many, many cases where people needlessly lost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over a period of 10-30 years because of choosing the wrong kind of insurance. And MANY people make this mistake. I was just shocked at how much is lost by families overall because of uninformed choices. Easily in the billions of dollars in American alone.
Primerica is the only insurance company of over 800 in America that sells only term insurance and it is in the top 50 most trusted companies by its customers according to Forbes partly because of that. My many major and government officials explaining how many families are losing enormous amounts of money by buying whole life insurance. Primerica also works quite a bit in helping people get out of debt and also in investing wisely so that eventually you will become so stable financially that you won’t need any life insurance, including Primerica’s.
B ) JOB OPPORTUNITY: If you are interested in a full or part time job or know someone who is interested or needs work and would like to work helping families to be financially secure and saving people a great deal of money and at the same helping keep them safe from financial disasters, they should definitely come to this meeting.
This woman, Jillyn, was able by working hard for a year to buy the home that her mother nearly lost due to her father’s death. This is a 7 minute testimony that is quite inspirational. Very good to watch!
If you’d like to come to the meeting, here are the details:
Place: it’s at Suite 326, 6025 Lee Hwy, Chattanooga, TN 37421
Time: Tuesday, 6:45pm (for pizza and root beer), 7:15pm is the meeting with some very insightful lectures.
Phone: 423-313-3384 (Bryan) or (423) 499-3899 (Primerica office)
There are a lot of ways that many people and especially families are being pressed into economic difficulties these days by plutocratic policies that corporations have advocated and manipulated the government into following. The most important way to beat that is to follow God’s principles in the Bible. One example of this is that for every $1 invested in the church, over $4.77 in benefits comes to the community and sometimes quite a bit more as studies by even non-religious scientists like Dr. Cnaan have shown.
But another major way to help people stay strong financially is with Primerica and term insurance. Would be good to see you tomorrow at the meeting if you have any interest in any of the topics mentioned above or know someone who does. If you can’t make it and still want to talk about these things, let me know.