Fallacies of Atheism

This page will have some of the major reasons atheism is an emotionally driven ideology that has no rational foundations, and influences its adherents to reject 1000s of scientific studies about what is best for human lives and esp. societies and nations. To be fair, atheism sometimes does have valid criticisms about errors that some religious people believe which are against the Bible and some were never taught how to think or “Test everything that is said.” as Paul tells believers to do in 1 Thessalonians 5:21. But nearly all atheist leaders have never taught atheists even the most elementary basics of rational thought and how to make the best decisions in life. They have never set up any principles of rational thought, truth or proof nor a regular way to teach their adherents. Thus atheism essentially boils down to an ideology of believing whatever you feel like…following emotions. Dr. Jason Stanley at Yale wrote that to smash freedom, you must first smash truth. So because atheism has never set up any principles of truth or ethics of any kind, it serves as an ideology to smash truth and fling the door open to people doing whatever they feel like doing, a totally emotionally driven ideology.

Much more will be here in the future