JESUS-His Resurrection Changed Everything-Overview!

Jesus! His life has transformed lives and nations throughout history and inspires Christians such as the Easter SonRise volunteers to transform our world in positive ways and encourage more people to experience Jesus for themselves! This page has a brief summary of why Jesus’ resurrection is the most profound event of human history and starting/strengthening a relationship with Him is the most important decision you can make in life. We ask that you pray and ask God to guide you as you study these important truths! If you wish to contact SonRise leadership with questions, to request Bible studies, etc. info is at the end.


  • Jesus also showed Himself alive by many infallible proofs and unquestionable demonstrations, appearing to them over a period of forty days and talking to them about the things concerning the kingdom of God.” Acts 1:3 (AMP) .
  • Mark Allen Powell (NT professor at Trinity Lutheran, a founding editor of the Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus) says:
    “A hundred and fifty years ago a fairly well respected scholar named Bruno Bauer maintained that the historical Jesus never existed. Anyone who says that today – in the academic world at least – gets grouped with the skinheads who say there was no Holocaust and the scientific holdouts who want to believe the world is flat.” [Jesus as a Figure in History (Westminster, 1998), 168.]
  • One of the most successful lawyers in history writes:
    I have spent more than forty-two years as a defense trial lawyer appearing in many parts of the world…I say unequivocally the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ is so overwhelming that it compels acceptance by proof which leaves absolutely no room for doubt.” Sir Lionel Luckhoo, an expert lawyer knighted twice by Queen Elizabeth, listed as the world’s most “successful” lawyer by Guinness Book of Records because he won 245 consecutive cases. At ~64 he investigated the claims of Jesus and became a Christian. (quote from “What is Your Verdict? (Fellowship Press, 1980), 19.)

The Bible says that Jesus’ resurrection is based on the highest certainty of truth and indisputable proof numerous times and many of the best legal experts and expert historians in the world have come to the same conclusion after thorough research.

Below there are 2 graphics with a very brief overview of some ways that the influence of Jesus’ resurrection has dramatically improved the way people live more than any other life in history , why many scholars believe His resurrection is one of the most proven facts of history, and some biblical ways to experience or strengthen your relationship with Jesus now.

Then there are some links with a more detailed, but still concise overview of many lines of evidence for Jesus’ resurrection, real people’s experiences with Jesus, a couple of the best presentations on Jesus’ resurrection and references/links to talks of many scholars as well as academic references and citations and more. This will help you check for yourself that what God has said is true, first from the Bible, but also from human experience and rigorous academic research that combines evidence from millions of people and uses logic to figure out the causes fairly. There are also links to Bible studies you can read to help you know better how to walk daily with Jesus and follow His love and truth!

But far more important than any of the valuable evidence is that these materials can help you experience Jesus more deeply in the next period of your life!


This is a more detailed summary of the major lines of evidence for Jesus and his resurrection from scholars like Dr. Gary Habermas. No alternatives to a real resurrection are able to explain even a majority of them, let alone all of them. So logically the resurrection has to be true. These facts fit an acronym C-H-R-I-S-T   E-A-S-T-E-R that can help you remember them.

C-Crucifixion: All reputable historians and New Testament scholars from major universities agree that Jesus lived, was crucified and died.

Crucial Creeds: Early crucial Christian creeds, including those in 1 Corinthians 15, Philippians 2:6-11, and Hebrews 1:3, encapsulate essential theological tenets such as Christ’s deity, death, resurrection and trace back to Jerusalem. Even some skeptic historians acknowledge that these date back to within 1-2 years after the crucifixion. The creeds were meant to transmit foundational beliefs with simple memory devices to help new Christians become stronger in their beliefs and also to help all Christians be able to give powerful reasons for their faith easily.

H-Healing-Historians: Historians from all backgrounds agree that people living at Jesus’ time, including his enemies, confirmed that He did healings/miracles.

Historians/writers from Jewish, Roman, and Christian backgrounds all agreed that there were many witnesses who testified of major aspects of Jesus’ life, crucifixion and/or resurrection or who had converted to faith based on direct evidence of Jesus’ resurrection. This includes early Christian writers (ca. 50-157), Thallus (ca. AD 55), Mara Bar Serapion (ca. AD 73), Josephus (ca. AD 93), Tacitus (ca. AD 116), Suetonius (ca. AD 120), Pliny the Younger (ca. AD 112), Phlegon (ca. AD 140), Lucian of Samosata (ca. AD 166), Celsus (ca. 175 AD) and others.

R-Reliable early evidence: We have very reliable evidence that belief in a real resurrection originates very early in the historical record (18 months-5 yrs after Jesus’ death) in Jerusalem (1 Cor. 15:1-19). Fiction doesn’t work like this. It is invented long after the events in the story take place.

I-independent eyewitnesses: Jesus appeared to numerous individuals but to groups, as well—and on numerous occasions. He appeared to the women at the tomb, disciples, soldiers, 500 witnesses, skeptics like Paul, and others (Luke 24:36–43, Matthew 28:9, John 20:26–30; 21:1–14, Acts 1:3–6, 1 Corinthians 15:5–7). These  are all independent witnesses that confirm the resurrection

S-Sacrifice/Shroud: The sacrifice of the disciples and their willingness to die for belief in a resurrected Messiah based on their personal experiences is one of the most amazing in the annals of history according to expert legal minds like Dr. Simon Greenleaf from Harvard.

There is also much strong evidence that the Shroud of Turin is very strong evidence that Jesus was tortured, died and buried and also that He resurrected. Lead researchers on the Shroud of Turin like Dr. Paolo Di Lazzaro, say,

“We have shown that the most advanced technology available today is unable to replicate all the characteristics of the Shroud image. As a consequence, we may argue it appears unlikely a forger may have done this image with technologies available in the Middle Ages or earlier. The probability the Shroud is a medieval fake is really low. In this sense, the Shroud image is still a scientific challenge.”

Was Holy Shroud created in a flash? Italian researchers resurrect claim

Italian study claims Turin Shroud is Christ’s authentic burial robe

Scientists say Shroud of Turin authentic, of supernatural origin LISTEN | PRINT BY NANCY HOUSER

T-We have powerful testimonies of many believers in the Bible, but also people all over history and the present who have seen, talked with, experienced or felt Jesus in various ways. 1000s of Muslims have seen Jesus in “Dreams of Isa“. Millions have experienced answered prayers. And billions have experienced positive benefits and/or transformed lives from believing in Jesus and being part of a healthy church. This has never happened with any fictional character. All these testimonies confirm that the central foundation of Christianity, the resurrection, really happened.


E-Empty tomb: Nearly all scholars agree that Jesus’ tomb was empty after His crucifixion.

Eastern evidence: Chinese astronomers recorded evidence from astronomy that to them meant that a profound change in human history had occurred.
A) When Jesus was born, Chinese astronomers say a comet from Altair in the constallation of Aquila that they believed signified a perfect sacrifice had come to earth, that He would resurrect and start a new epoch of history. a comet there was a sign in heaven and the Chinese saw it and wrote it down.
B) When Jesus died, they saw a solar eclipse and to them this meant that the sins of all humanity was on one man who proclaimed pardon for all.
C) A few days later, when Jesus resurrected, the Chinese saw a halo and rainbow around the sun. Rainbows in the Bible are a symbol of reconciliation and Jesus brought the ultimate reconciliation of God with all people who will trust in Jesus’ sacrifice for them. See more here:

A-Appearances: Witnesses testify that Jesus appeared to many people after His crucifixion. This is important for many reasons. Here are 3 reasons:

1) There are many independent witnesses who made the same claims. Paul could tell government authorities that they didn’t have to just believe Paul’s words. They could go talk to witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection themselves.

2) The appearance to women is particularly important because no one making up fiction would write that women were the 1st witnesses in the highly sexist Greco-Roman culture of the time where women’s testimony was valid and they were considered liars if they spoke in public.

3) Many witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection were willing to suffer persecution, torture and/or death for what they had personally seen. Never in history do we see many people going through torture and death for something they know is a lie from their own experience.

S- Skeptics converted: James the brother of Jesus, Saul of Tarsus, many skeptical lawyers, historians, scientists and many more scholars, as well as many regular people have converted based on evidence and proof.

T-transformed lives. The apostles changed from fearful of dying to bold and willing to endure anything and die for their belief in Jesus’ resurrection.

E-emergence of the church and ceremonies (like baptism) in Jerusalem. Myths don’t start in places they can easily be fact checked. Since Christianity started right where the resurrection happened and could have easily been disproven, it can’t have been a myth. 

R-real, righteous and radical Christians! Millions have been transformed and then transformed communities/nations because of Jesus’ power throughout history.

You can experience and “taste and see” that Jesus is alive for yourself too! Start with the 7 principles in the 1st graphic above.

Many have looked at the evidence, but no one has been able to find any other explanation of all these facts, or even a few of them. No other figure in history has proven He resurrected and is radically changing hearts, minds and lives to Jesus. This experience is available for you too! Try Jesus today!

If you have questions about the truths of Jesus life and how we can know the Bible’s account is accurate, most are answered here with scholarly references.


These are some of the best presentations on the life, death and especially resurrection of Jesus, from shorter to longer. These along with the experience of millions of people whose lives have been transformed by Jesus and 1000s of peer reviewed papers proving Jesus lived and lives now too, constitute not just evidence…but proof of His resurrection! If Jesus was able to rise from the dead, that means He has the power to resurrect us too and to let us explore the universe that He created together!

1) These are two illustrated videos that list 4 proven facts about Jesus that historians across basically all worldviews accept. To have a true conclusion about Jesus’s resurrection, your view has to explain/incorporate all these facts.:

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? – Part One: The Facts

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? – Part Two: The Explanation

2) Lee Strobel has a degree in law from Yale and was an atheist award winning investigative journalist for the Chicago Tribune. His wife became a Christian and he studied the evidence to disprove her faith. But the evidence was so powerful that instead, he himself became a Christian and has been sharing the truths of God ever since! This same thing has happened with 1000s and 1000s of academics in many fields. Strobel’s life story and research that proves Jesus resurrected have been made into a movie.

The Case for Christ (short 20 minute version)

Lee Strobel: The Case For Christ (full version)

3) The Resurrection of Jesus by Inspiring Philosophy (This is one of the most detailed documentaries on the profound unrivaled evidence for Jesus’ resurrection. It shows some of the major lines of evidence, shows in detail why all  skeptic arguments badly fail to explain the evidence and how the only view that can explain all the evidence is a real resurrection of Jesus).

4) Professor James Warner Wallace, a former atheist homicide detective, became a Christian based on powerful evidence for Jesus’ resurrection.  In a new book he is involved in a homicide case with no body. This time, the person of interest is Jesus of Nazareth. Professor Wallace looks at the incredible impact on history from the life of Jesus and how Jesus came at a perfect time to share God’s truths at a crucial crossroad of history when roads and methods of communication enabled these truths to travel rapidly. He shows that Jesus fulfilled the expectations of a Messiah of many worldviews and that they had to incorporate the person and mission of Jesus into their worldview. He shows that no one ever impacted the world like Jesus and His influence for good throughout history has far surpassed that of all other human beings in history. He examines everything from the scientific revolution, historical facts, to the greatest works of literature. Interestingly, JJ Wallace makes this case for Jesus without using the New Testament as evidence.

“Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World that Rejects the Bible” with JJ Wallace

Why Jesus Matters Today More Than Ever: A Conversation with Detective J. Warner Wallace

Sean McDowell

5) Dr. Gary Habermas has been studying the evidence for the resurrection for over 50 years and developed the minimal facts approach. This is an approach that has found over 3,000 peer reviewed studies from scholars across the spectrum that confirm 12 facts about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. The only claim that can incorporate all 12 facts is that Jesus really resurrected and is God. Habermas is working on 4 volumes compiling the vast evidence for Jesus and His resurrection.  The first is finished and is over 1000 pages of evidence for Jesus and he is working on the others.  Here are a couple talks with him and also Dr. Mike Licona, another major scholar on this topic).
50 Years Studying the Resurrection: Magnum Opus by Gary Habermas

Five Resurrection Facts That Occurred by 36 A.D.

2 Top Historical Scholars PROVE that Jesus Rose (Gary Habermas and Mike Licona)

Here are some more articles that give more evidence of the claims in the flyer, links to some of the best talks on Jesus’ resurrection and other things so you can know that there are powerful reasons for the hope that Christians have (1 Peter 3:15) and be better able to share it with others):
1) A general overview of some of the evidence/reasons many scholars believe Jesus’ resurrection is certainly true with a few reasons why it matters a lot.

2) An article on reasons why Jesus life changed history dramatically and matters a great deal now too.

3) Some pages focused on explaining academic standards of proof and why Jesus’ resurrection meets them.

4) A list of some of the best presentations, talks and movies by scholars and insightful people from different backgrounds on solid evidence for Jesus’ resurrection and why it matters.

5) HUMAN RIGHTS: A page on how Jews and Christians have won ~87% of Nobel prizes, how many lives this has saved and some reasons why principles of these worldviews have been major factors in this achievement.

HEALTH: Bible principles of health have transformed the world and give you decades more life now than most experienced in history. Seventh Day Adventists are one of the biggest reasons for this. Why? They followed Bible principles of health and lived much longer. Then scientists wondered why. They studied the habits they followed and then shared what they learned with health professionals, schools, governments, and the world. Secular scientists testify to this here:

See also:

6) 2 articles that list some of the scholars and evidence on how Jews and Christians have pioneered most major human rights in history.


Jesus’ miracles and those of the apostles were not done in secret. When Paul was asked about the reasons for his faith, he could tell a powerful king to check out the facts for himself so that others could have a relationship with Jesus too.

“I am not insane, Most Excellent Festus. What I am saying is the sober truth. And King Agrippa knows about these things. I speak boldly, for I am sure these events are all familiar to him, for they were not done in a corner!..I pray to God that both you and everyone here in this audience might become the same as I am.” Acts 26:25-26,29

Many people in modern times have experienced God and you can too.

  • Ramon and Sandy Tengkano gave a powerful testimony at a General Youth Conference of how a life of wealth and luxury wasn’t satisfying,..but working to save lives for God has given real peace, joy and fulfillment in life. It is very powerful. There is a short video summary at the end, esp. if you haven’t found deep happiness and satisfaction in life yet (see esp. ~46:30+).
  • Many people who experienced God changing their lives in many ways are here:
  • God revolutionizes lives: A playlist of testimonies of Jesus changing lives is here: 
  • God revolutionizes lives: A playlist of testimonies of Jesus changing lives is here:
  • 13-Intellectual Atheists Who Became Christians
  • David Wood? (How a violent narcissistic atheist became a Christian)
    Why I Am a Christian (David Wood, Former Atheist’s Conversion Testimony)
  • Here is a neo Nazi Skinhead who changed from violence to peace with God’s help:

8) Good Bible studies to check out to start or strengthen a relationship with Jesus!
Study the Bible Online

9) To contact the organizers of the SonRise Easter pageant, go here.

10) If you want Bible studies in the Collegedale area, have questions or want to suggest adding something to the above article, you can text/call me at 423 313-3384.

God bless in your journey to know Jesus better!

Bryan Bissell