Project 2025 and the Sunday Law

Project 2025 is a plan by over 80 organizations to reshape the executive branch of the U.S. federal government when/if Republicans win in the 2024 U.S. presidential election based on a specific political ideological view of Christian nationalism. On the surface it is a war against Marxism and an effort to reshape the US government and society based on Republican values with a veneer of Christianity. But underneath are some very dangerous concepts.

One of the most serious issues with it for Seventh Day Adventists is that it has a section that is aiming to implement a Sunday law with the claim that this is something to help families become more stable and stronger. This is not a death penalty level Sunday law as is predicted in prophecy since at present it only requires employers to give their employees Sunday off and if they don’t they have to pay time and a half. There is also an exception for those who don’t keep Sunday whether Muslims or Jews or SDAs or others. But will these exceptions make it into the final bill? That remains to be seen. But it one of the most major movements towards a Sunday law in US history. And we know from history that the change from Sabbath to Sunday was gradual, taking quite a few years, so that many didn’t realize what was happening. If done, this would be a major breach in US government policy, a beachhead, that could develop, possibly quickly, into the prophetically foretold Sunday law.

The Republican Project 2025 leaders of course call Sunday Sabbath, redefining the biblical term with reframing propaganda to mean Sunday instead of Saturday. Reframing is the #1 most common form of propaganda in America according to Dr. William Lutz at Rutgers and he says that the US government (both parties) is the #1 culprit, corporations are a close 2nd, and academia as 3rd in distorting words for ideological ends. Reframing has been done extensively in America by many organizations so much so that most Americans have an American understanding of dozens of important biblical words that is completely different from the intended meaning of the authors.

Here is the section on the Sunday law, which again is reframed and called Sabbath.

“Sabbath Rest. God ordained the Sabbath as a day of rest, and until very recently the Judeo-Christian tradition sought to honor that mandate by moral and legal regulation of work on that day. Moreover, a shared day off makes it possible for families and communities to enjoy time off together, rather than as atomized individuals, and provides a healthier cadence of life for everyone. Unfortunately, that communal day of rest has eroded under the pressures of consumerism and secularism, especially for low-income workers.

Congress should encourage communal rest by amending the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)9 to require that workers be paid time and a half for hours worked on the Sabbath. That day would default to Sunday, except for employers with a sincere religious observance of a Sabbath at a different time (e.g., Friday sundown to Saturday sundown); the obligation would transfer to that period instead. Houses of worship (to the limited extent they may have FLSA-covered employees) and employers legally required to operate around the clock (such as hospitals and first responders) would be exempt, as would workers otherwise exempt from overtime.” p. 589 (621 in pdf)

Here are some primary sources regarding this issue and then several SDA and Christian ministries speaking about it.

Project 2025 is a major effort by over 75 conservative organizations and 400 scholars to “save our republic” from a tide of moral corruption.

“Project 2025 is unparalleled in the history of the conservative movement—both in its size and scope but also for organizing 75 different groups under a single banner. Spearheaded by Heritage, the coalition is systematically preparing policy and personnel for the next conservative president. Project 2025’s four pillars will collectively pave the way for an effective and historic administration: A policy agenda, personnel recruitment, training, and a 180-day playbook to kick off the term on Jan. 20, 2025.”

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